General information


Trade Stands

Trade stands that will be present during the congress will be announced here

The official language of the congress is English.


The climate in Belgium is coastal and therefore variable. The daytime temperature in March will be around 9°C but may vary a lot (up to 10 degrees and even more).

Passports and Visa

Valid passports are required for entry into Belgium. Participants should check with their agents whether they would require a visa for travel to Belgium. If so they are advised to apply to the nearest Belgium Embassy or Consulate at least two months before the intended day of travel.


Liabilities for personal injuries, losses or damages to personal belongings remain the responsibility of the individual. The organizers are also not responsible for delays or any modification in the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. Please check the validity of your personal insurance.

Credit points for continuing education (NL/BE)

The organization will check if a request for accreditation can be done for the 8th EEHNC program. For example, a previous edition of the EEHNC has been accredited for 1 x 3 day shifts by the Equine technical committee, equivalent to 10 credit points in the new system (KNMvD).

Sponsoring & MDEON approval

The 7th EEHNC was an MDEON approved congress (MDEON visa no: 15/V2/3400/004399.). A new application will be entered for the 8th EEHNC. Details regarding this request will be announced here.

Tourist information

This part will be updated soon.